Rug Cleaning NYC

Rug Cleaning NYC 1Deciding where to take your rugs for the best professional service in NYC can be an overwhelming decision. You want to make sure you choose someone who has experience handling rug cleaning and restoration, with a reputation to care for what is to some families, their most treasured and prized possessions in the home. Whether you have a small rug or antique woven rug, J.L. Carpet & Upholstery can ensure it receives expert cleaning, repair, and care. You can rest assured that your rugs and fine fabric upholstery are in safe hands.

Area Rug Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

Area rugs sometimes experience the most traffic in the home, resulting in soil and bacteria build-ups that require professional cleaning on a regular basis. In fact, over time, area rugs can accumulate all sorts of disgusting bacteria such as animal hair and feces, pollen, dust mites, and traces of skin, which can lead to serious health problems for you and your family members. Because of this risk, area rugs can’t be cleaned the same way you would clean regular wall-to-wall carpeting, and requires professional services to ensure they are clean and safe enough for your family and guests.

Cleaning a Throw Rug in NYC

Like area rugs, throw rugs often see their fair share of dirt and bacteria as well, largely because of the traffic that often takes place. When cleaning a throw rug in NYC, it’s important to choose professionals who are familiar with many different types of materials. Further, the types of cleaners that are used on your throw rugs need to be determined according to those materials in order to preserve the shape, color, and quality of the throw rug.

Cleaning and Repairing a Valuable Oriental Rug

Although they might sound like simple home furnishings, owners of oriental rugs all know these rugs can be the most valuable and most detailed items in the home. Oriental rugs are generally heavy textiles often made from a broad range of materials, including silk, wool, and cotton. It’s crucial when cleaning or repairing that the person handling your oriental rug is not just knowledgeable in cleaning rugs but familiar with specific types and materials as well.

Handmade and Modern Tibetan Rugs

Like many other types of rugs and upholstery, Tibetan rugs can be handmade and passed down from one generation to the next, or brand new and one of a more modern type or design. This type of rug can date back to the late 1700s. Tibetan rugs can also be rarer than other types of rugs and carpet, which means that there will be fewer people available with the expertise required to care for them properly. With years of experience and a trustworthy reputation, JL Carpet and Upholstery can ensure that your Tibetan rug receives the best care and is returned to you clean and fresh.

Fine Fabric Upholstery and Silk Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning NYC 2Silk rugs are sometimes made of extremely delicate materials and fibers and require specific cleaning and handling. Because JL Carpet and Upholstery is experienced in fine fabric upholstery as well, we know how to make sure your silk rugs are cleaned without damaging or ruining your rug. Silk rugs also might include oriental and Persian rugs, all of which require specific processes for cleaning or repairing. When it comes to fine fabric upholstery or silk rug cleaning, you just can’t risk leaving your items with inexperienced or unqualified service providers.

Persian Rugs and Carpets

Persian rugs often have long histories and stories that owners want to preserve and pass down to their children. Some Persian rugs date as far back as the 16th century, so it’s important to be careful choosing who handles and cleans your rugs. Like many other types of fine and delicate carpets, Persian rugs and carpets are often handmade, requiring extra care when handling and years of experience when cleaning. Whether you have a valuable Persian rug that’s been in the family for decades or a new rug that you want to keep in your family for years to come, make sure you choose a trustworthy cleaning and repair service with a solid reputation.

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners often believe that wool carpets are tougher than other types of carpets and can withstand more abuse than rugs made of finer materials like silk. However, this isn’t the case. Wool rugs require delicate and specific cleaning products and methods, especially since dirt and grime are ground down into the fibers. Further, wool rugs tend to hide dirt, which can lead you to believe the carpet is in great condition and doesn’t need cleaning. However, over time, soil can damage your wool rug and wear down the fibers. In order to avoid accumulating years of dirt and bacteria in your rug and ending up with a damaged carpet you can’t use, it’s best to rely on JL Carpet and Upholstery to take care of your rugs for you.

Tried and True Cleaning Techniques Using Green Products

Rug Cleaning NYC 3At J.L. Carpet & Upholstery, we recreate old washing techniques that are backed by a long history of effectiveness. We also use environmentally friendly green products such as the finest organic shampoos in order to restore your rugs – no matter what type, to showroom status. As part of our cleaning process, we use full separate climate-controlled drying rooms specifically for protecting the rugs’ integrity. When it comes to the rugs and upholstery in your home, you don’t want to take any chances with procedures or harsh chemicals that can either ruin your belongings or become hazardous to you or your family members.

Reliable and Safe Carpet Cleaning in NYC

Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or any of the other areas that make up NYC, JL Carpet & Upholstery is dedicated to ensuring your rugs, carpet, and upholstery all get the best service available. Don’t risk making a mistake cleaning or repairing them yourself or putting your valuable rugs and carpets in the wrong hands. When choosing a professional carpet cleaner in NYC, make sure you get the best and safest service for your money. Contact JL Carpet and Upholstery online or call (718) 833-7847 for a free quote.

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