Oriental Rug Repair New York

There are rugs that are in homes, in museums, churches, office buildings, hotels, etc. that are very unique and when damage occurs, replacing them for new ones would be out of the question. This may be from normal everyday wear and tear, aging, moth damage, fire, floods etc.

When there is a rug that requires repair – look to J.L. Carpet & Upholstery, the New York Rug Repair experts. We are specialists in repairing damaged fringes, holes, binding tears and color dye matching to restore worn areas to their best.

Moths will damage wool rugs. They reside in dark moist areas and you should look for signs of moth damage and if seen, the rugs should be professionally repaired. This will require professional moth treatment for the rug which will remove all larva and possibly reweaving the damaged areas.

Area rug fringes are usually the first part of the rug to show damage. Vacuum cleaners, high heel shoes, etc. can result in damage to the rug that need repair by a rug repair professional. We offer many solutions to this problem. We can attach artificial fringes to worn sides or remove and reweave brand new fringes.

Rugs may have holes that have come from aging, water damage, dry rot from a pot plant, or from moth damage. Upon the rugs inspection will decide what procedure to use to repair the rug. Reweaving and patching are two of the methods that can restore the rug. We can match colors and dyes to cosmetically treat the area after the repair is completed so only the owner and ourselves will know what has been done.

Sometimes silk rugs cannot be used on the floor any longer. Once restored, those rugs can be made to hang on the wall.

J.L. Carpet & Upholstery, the New York Rug Repair experts.

J. L. Carpet & Upholstery uses organic compounds that are able to clean and sanitize rugs that are important to the individual and the home. The compounds do not have any color or smell, and there is no damage from its use to pets or children.

If the rugs have dust mites, dog’s or cat’s urine, pet stains etc., J. L. Carpet & Upholstery can help with those problems also.

Fire and water damaged rug cleaning and restoration are part of the services J. L. Carpet & Upholstery offers.

If the rugs need cleaning, we use a submersion wash with a mild shampoo to remove any soil, dirt, bacteria, from the rug. The drying time for the rug is 24 hours, which allows the rugs to be repaired, washed and ready to be used in a very short time without the threat of mold. Clean rugs help with allergy and asthma concerns.

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