Common Misconceptions

Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

1. The carpet and upholstery will look brand new.

It is thoroughly impossible to restore carpet and fabric to its show room state. Fibers go through wear and tear as well as soil and dirt exposure. With proper methods your home can be made clean and smell fresh, but anyone claiming to make it brand new or almost new is not being truthful.

All carpet cleaning companies are the same.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions there is. The reality is, who you select is responsible for providing top notch service. It is the technician who is doing the work, not the machine. Personalized professional service is what we provide. It is similar to the difference between ordering fast food or dining out at your favorite family owned restaurant.

I can use cleaning agents and household products to clean up spots and stains myself.
  • While this may be true in some extremely rare cases, the truth is there are damaging chemicals and solutions in household items that can ruin your upholstery or rug. Professional cleaning agents have been tested and tried through a vigorous process before being made available for PROFESSIONAL use. How comfortable would you feel if we arrived at your home with some Downy, ammonia, and a bottle of Fantastic. Let’s throw in some vinegar for good measure. These types of methods can agitate stains and spots and most importantly; these makeshift cleaning chemicals will not react well with proper cleaning agents leaving yellow and light colored stains all over your home. Don’t do it.

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