Oriental Rug Repair Brooklyn

If you are looking to have your area rug cleaned or repaired, you should look to J.L. Carpet & Upholstery, the Brooklyn Rug Repair specialists. We provide quality work, and treat your rug with personal care as if it were our own. If the rug needs to be cleaned or repaired from the tassels on the rug to a possible tear, J.L. Carpet & Upholstery has the materials and knowledge available at their one of a kind facility, to make the rug like new. This is true for a rug that may have recently been purchased to an antique rug that has been in place for decades.

Rugs need to be cleaned by professionals who understand and appreciate a beautiful, quality rug. The life of rugs that are made by hand can be extended with regular washing and repairs when needed.

Rugs should be washed every one to two years. If you have children and pets, and/or and the rug is located at an entrance way and is exposed to dust, outside pollutants, pets accidents, your rug should be washed annually.

J. L. Carpet & Upholstery uses organic compounds that are fragrance and color free, and the compounds are safe for kids and pets to be exposed to.

Due to the fact that the rug may be exposed to dust, and outside pollutants, J. L. Carpet & Upholstery is able to treat and handle moth damage, holes, dust mites, dogs’ and cats’ urine and other pet stains.

Fire and water damage can be handled by J. L. Carpet & Upholstery. When we wash the rug, pet odors can be removed. Proper rug washing helps with inside air quality, therefore allergies and asthma can be reduced due to dust and other pollutants are washed away by the rug cleaning system.

J. L. Carpet & Upholstery clean rugs using a submersion wash in a customized pit with mild organic shampoos. The organic shampoos remove the dirt, soil, bacteria, allergens and dust mites from the rug during the washing process. After the organic shampoo wash the rug is dried flat to keep the shape. Humidifiers and other agents are used to dry the rug within 24 hours to keep the rug from developing mold or other allergens.

Rugs can be repaired and washed, but professionals are needed to do the job the right way.

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