Get Your Magic Grip Padding Rug Pads, in Brooklyn and NYC


Did you know that you can extend the life of your rug with a rug pad?

We can custom cut your pad to any size and shape, and ship it directly to you.
Magic Grip Area Rug Pads provide a solid foundation for your beautiful carpet. Besides protecting your floors by preventing scratches and staining, rug pads add comfort and extra cushion to your area rugs, and they help them last longer. Plus, area rug pads make your home safer by keeping those otherwise slippery rugs securely in place.

5 Reasons For Buying Rug Pad
1. Stopping your rugs from slipping – making your home a safer place to be
2. Extending the life of your area rug
3. Protecting your floors or carpets from scratches and or stains from color transfer
4. Making your rugs more comfortable on your feet
5. Making your areas rugs much easier to vacuum

Magic Grip Padding is a very special rug pad. Besides adding more cushion than the old hard rubber padding, it is made from a high quality natural silicone latex…and this gives the pad its extra strength and super gripping power. If you have an area rug in your house that you want to keep still, this pad will hold it in place like magic, plus it’s virtually rip & tear proof, and it will never stain or mark up your beautiful hardwood flooring. Call today!

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